Monday, March 05, 2007

American Idol 6: Top 20

Hwaa.. I got a busy saturday last week. Hmm, reminding me of my busy singing saturday
Coming home late, around 23.35 and should be satisfied with only 2 last performances of AI guys. And I AM satisfied with Chris Richardson and Sundance Head's performances.

Chris is good with his "Geek in the pink". I'm not familiar with the song. Then Sundance, I was glad to know the reason why he could go far in the competition. Though his singing style is not my style, but he did a great job that night and seemed to be enjoying the singing.

I can only watched the other guys' performances by the quick recap at the end of the show. From the clips of their performance, Blake was performing great that night. I'm not familiar with 'beatboxing' that was attached to his profile but now I've got a bit idea of that 'thing'.

Chris Sligh seemed to be amazing too. I think the other guys was kinda good that nite. In that some-second-clip, Sanjaya sounded good, though still weak I guess (Updated: K'Rino said he's powerless and monotone the whole song). But really, I can't tell much just based on some-seconds-clip.
Joey! I'll be waiting for your collection!

Nick Pedro was announced eliminated. But his last performance was kinda good for me. Humm.. Go on with your singing career, dude.

A.J. Tabaldo! Gosh, he was announced eliminated too. He's a good one and his last performance showed that too! I've been worried about him since Ryan Seacrest mentioned judges comments on both him and Sanjaya. Expressing good comments to AJ and the opposites to Sanjaya. I was worried that 'this' would be a shocking result. And YES IT IS! Good bye AJ. And Sanjaya, since you're also shocked about that result, you better sing well on the next round. No, not well. You ought to be GREAT!

The girls show!
They're all still great, I'm happy.

Gina Glocksen with "Alone" was good. Not great for me because she was kinda unstable on her notes. Kinda *goyang-goyang* shaky.

Alaina Alexander was not good. I could see that she's trying. Her stage act was like pushing herself too hard on making it look great. But it didn't. I guessed she's going home. And yes, she did leave the competition.

Lakisha Jones, with "Midnight Train to Georgia" (Hey, you're right when saying that there are many repeated songs in AI). I like her performances. She sounded good, yeah no doubt. But what I like is that she showed another side of her. Her first performance that I saw (top 24), she looked like 'mamak-mamak' with an introverted looks, with song "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going", she was very 'dark' for me (I'm not talking about her skin). But that night she showed the fun side of her. I liked it, though Simon didn't.

Ahh, Melinda Doolittle. She's great that night And I noticed that she had a unique pose in her singing. When hitting high long notes, she would do that 'kuda-kuda', lowering her body, with one foot in front, the other supporting her body that declined backwards (I don't know whether I described it good enough or not Go watch it by yourself).

Antonella Barba, with "Because You Loved Me". I liked her singing the first two lines. The rest was ooh-please... Ohh, let's talk about the highest note. I'm talking about the part:"Because of Youuuuuuu..." (Hoping that you guys got my point). She hit it pretty surprisingly good.

Jordin Sparks sang "Reflection", my favourite Disney's song. I got Christina Aguilera, Coco Lee, and Lea Salonga's version of the song. Umm, kinda ordinary for me. Nothing's really special, apart from the last part of the song. Jordin's good, but that night I noted that she's breathy when singing low notes.

Yayy! Stephanie Edwards!! You sang "Dangerously In Love" and I'm dangerously in love with you right now :x I'm not agree with Randy. Beyonce's song is not easy and Stephanie sang it greatly. The earlier part showed that Stephanie could sing it as good as Beyonce and the last part showed that she could sing the song in her own way, an amazing way. She dressed smartly also Many people root for Lakisha and Melinda. I like them too, but Sthepanie is my favourite! I hope America will keep her around based on her performance.

Leslie Hunt sang "Feeling Good". At this point I started to like her and her thick voice. But she's then eliminated.

For me Haley Scarnato had a good performance that nite. At least much better than last week. I think she sang "Queen of The Night" well. I don't know how Whitney sings it(as the judges comparing her performance to Whitney's as not good enough) but for me Haley did good.

Sabrina Sloan and her "All The Man That I Need" was also a good performance. Her voice sounded thicker than before. She could also hit a high note with good technique. Though the last long note that she sang was not produced well. Maybe she's tired or too tensed after the previous highest note.

I hope they sing even better on next show.


Soul Singer said...

udah gw tambahin tuh data profile :)

the one and only cumi said...

chris richardson nyanyi 'geek in pink'?? pasti bagus bgt. semakin menyesal i missed his performance, thanks to syukuran wisuda MTI.
FYI B'Cred, geek in pink itu lagunya jason mraz from his album 'mr.a-z'. jason mraz rocks! *lho kok jadi promosi* chris richardson rocks too!

Helen said...

Hauhauha... interesting blog... ceritanya seru2... :D