Saturday, January 20, 2007

Busy (Singing) Saturday..

Long road to "Konser Terima Kasih"

Well, my activity started at 5 o'clock in the morning. Early morning, I would say. Got myself prepared for Prayer Service at the Church (GII Dago). Arrive at the church at 6 o'clock. After the service, it was already 7.30. I went to the Choir Room with Elvina & Silvia to play piano. We spent like an hour there.

I went home and got myself prepared for TLV Male rehearsal and sound check at 10.00. The rehearsal lasted until 12.30. Other ITB Choir members arrived at Aula Barat ITB and the rehearsal went on until 15.15. I should've joined ITB Choir alumni at Aula Timur for our first and last rehearsal (since we're practicing separately in Bandung and Jakarta), but I have to go to GII Dago for my Sunday Service choir rehearsal.

Then there I was at GII Dago, rehearsing until 17.00. So sorry that I couldn't accompany the singers for a practice. I needed to go back to the campus since the concert would begin at 19.30. Eh, stopping by at Kartika Sari first for some 'upeti'(or 'Perjamuan Kasih' if you wanna say so :D) for the next day.

Then at the vocalizing moment, I felt it. I couldn't sing comfortably. My throath's having some trouble :-S Heck, I must've gone over my limit. Too much singing for the day, huhuhu.. And I felt tired also from all the activities. Yeah, I guess no matter how fond you are of something, you have to know your limit!

Anyway, glad to be able to sing those Xiamen songs again. Though it's not our best performance (ya iyalaaah..). I'm not happy with my part in "You Raise Me Up". Something's not going well..(my voice, I mean). Singing in TLV Male was surely a great fun. The formation was a quartet, 2 tenors and 2 basses. Eldi, me, Sahat, and Mr Hablay. Khekhee, instead of me, Dhacun was supposedly join this formation. But he was away in KL at the moment, hehe.

Ahahaha, at first I didn't think "Solo Otra Vez" was a good choice of song. But it turned out that I like the climax of it very much. The "Emotion" was relaxing, like it. Other songs were: "If I Ain't Got You", "Can't Help Falling In Love With You", and "When You Tell Me That You Love Me". Thanks to Alrin for his great skill in playing the piano

Huuff.. Now time to go home.. I'm exhausted. #:-SI-|


sahathutajulubo said...

please deh TLV male-nya jelek banget gitu lho... hahahaha

dengerin rekamannya buat pengembangan vokal.

Credo said...

Hahahaha.. I didn't mention that we sang very good :D I just mentioned some songs that I like more than the others.

Dan slain latian vokal, juga perlu ingat klo performance yang bagus ga bisa cm dengan 1 kali latihan + 1 kali GR, khekheke.. :D