Friday, January 19, 2007

What Am I To You? (Unworthy)

There're many times we've shared happiness
And I couldn't count our time of sadness
Listen to your problems, I do
Calming your anger, I've been there too

What am I to you?
You've treated me so badly
More than you have to
I feel unworthy

Secrets that I keep, I give them to you
All my words are no lies, but simply true
we live our life easy and cool
But now I feel like I'm a fool

What am I to you?
You've hurt me truly
Nothing else I can do
I feel unworthy

What Am I to you, please don't lie
I spend my time wondering why
Living my life so far, I shouldn't feel sorry
Every moment you're part of my story

What am I to you
You talk to me harshly
One thing I know that's true
I feel unworthy

I don't know what I am to you
I feel unworthy

1 comment:

sahathutajulubo said...

ini kayak lagu deh...

judulnya apa ya...

ato ini pure poem. Mungkin gak sich