Friday, November 15, 2013

How to embed slide show presentation to a website for free but also limit the audience

It started with my need to create a nice module in Moodle for my organization. To make it interesting, I intended to make it in a slide show presentation, controllable by the user.

I have known Slideshare that provide that kind of service, deemed to be the YouTube of presentation slides, which is free and easy to use.

Since the material I wanna share internally is also supposed to be kept internally, I kinda expected that Slideshare provide the capability to do private sharing (unlisted capability of YouTube), meaning sharing it to those you intended it to. So I tried Slideshare.

However, Slideshare only provides that capability to pro (paid) user. It means if I upload my stuff in Slideshare, it is view-able by others too.
So, I tried to find alternatives and stumbled across a number of similar tools. An example of said tools can be read here :

I tried Empressr, with its capability of sharing privately, with password. It just didn't work with embedding in Moodle. Reading all the others' description, I couldn't determine which one can provide me with the feature I needed. I didn't have time to try them one by one. Another quick googling and I found out that presentation slides from Google Drive could be viewed as a slide show when embedded in another web page. It could serve my need. A ha!

So I uploaded the presentation slide to Google Drive, made it viewable only to those who has the link.
(For a step by step guidance, see this : How To Display Presentation Slides on a Blog Post with Google Drive)

The last part is to embed it to Moodle page :
I used this :

Click here to get the code in text if you don't wanna type it :)
Change the red text to the id of your presentation slide in Google Drive.
If your sharing link is something like this:

The id to use is the one in red text.

This solved my case : embedding somewhat private material in controllable slide show presentation in an internal webpage for internal consumption :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

I believe that we learn by practice..

 A quote I like, related to Knowledge Management, and can be used to explain why we need the practice part.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Quote yang sangat ku suka dari websitenya Indonesia Mengajar :

"Berhenti mengeluh tidaklah cukup. Berkata-kata indah dengan penuh semangat juga tidak akan pernah cukup. Lakukan sesuatu saat ini juga. Satu langkah kita akan mengundang yang lain untuk juga bergerak."

That's a very powerful last sentence.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Three Things that Make Me Happy Today

1. I'm somewhat recovered from my fever and severe headache of the past 3 days. Hence, I was able to conduct my church choir for 2 services in the morning. Then teaching Angelic Choir with other laoshi-es. And finally rehearsed with some of the church choir for Bang Albin's wedding.

2. I bought Catching Fire! The second book of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.
After watching The Hunger Games movie, I put the book on my wishlist for Christmas and got it from my office mate. After reading it, I want to continue I decided to buy this second book :) Fortunately, I could buy it today.

3. I finished all preparation for my new motorbike to be able to take it on the road!
After buying it, I needed to wait for 2 weeks for the STNK to be ready. After receiving it along with 2 plates of the vehicle number, I needed to fix them to the bike of course. Alas, I have no tools. So I went to a small workshop, bought 2 plates that function as the frame (so I did not need to have the plates drilled), and let the mechanics fix them for Rp.25.000,- (it includes the price of the frame plates, which are Rp.20.000,-)

So, I'm happy :)