Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Google Translate in Picasa

I commented on a photo in Picasa of my friends, attending our friends' wedding. I wrote in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language; and it's not just 'Bahasa' as many people, even fellow Indonesians, think it is )

After submitting, my comment appeared with another sentence underneath.. It was a rough translation of my comment into English, haha..

After checking their "what's new", this was what I got:

Automatic comment translations

If your photo is getting kudos from around the globe, we'll automatically translate comments in foreign languages to your default language.

Wow, then Google must have had a checking mechanism if the comment is in the user's default language, if not then decide what language it is, and finally translate it to the default language.

I tried to submit a comment in English just to check, and yea, there was no such translation appeared.

Although not perfect, it's a cool way to facilitate non-Indonesian speaking visitors :D I really like it.

Surprisingly, through images we shared in Plurk, my friend and I saw different translations for an exact same sentence she wrote.

What she saw:
What I saw:
Hahaha, this is getting more interesting..


ime' said...

mmmm... menarik :D
baru tau gue :P punya plurk juga toh. heheheh...

Credo said...

Hehe, betul.
Yep, ketagihan ni :p

Gratia Latin said...

Thanks for sharing, Cheers!!
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