Sunday, December 28, 2008

Perkedel Jagung

I'm intrigued to make Perkedel Jagung (Jagung = corn, and I don't know the proper English for "Perkedel") yesterday after tasting some of Ocha's at her home in Den Haag. I recalled being fond of Perkedel Jagung sold at Kantin GKU Barat (in my former university), with their golden-ish colour and crispy yet soft texture (krauk krauk, LOL).

I didn't really know the recipe and although it's easy to find on the internet, I was just too lazy to follow such recipe.

So I just used my feeling, hahaha. I took all-purpose flour, mixed it with an egg, a can of sweet corn, and half-pack of roerbakmix (mixed diced vegetables), some water, a bit of salt, a bit of sugar, a bit of chicken powder, and tadaaaa:

They tasted good, although what I had in mind was somewhat more crispier (eh, what's the correct term again? maksudnya sih renyah, garing). I reckoned the egg made them puffier (lebih empuk2 gitu. Enak sih, tp jadi kayak bala2/bakwan).

So, I tried one more time, after coming back from Christmas Celebration in Wassenaar this afternoon. This time, I didn't use egg, but I added some portion of cornstarch (tepung maizena) to the all-purpose flour. The rest of the ingredients were the same (oh, I added garlic and white pepper a bit). Here goes the result (after some of them were eaten, hahaha):

They were indeed crispier. I still have some doubt whether they will stay crispy after some time tho. If they're not, I will consider removing the mixed vegetable from the ingredients next time like how it's supposed to be in the first place (hey, they're Perkedel Jagung you know), hehehe

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Ramot said... yg nrt aju plg lucu Ndi :D...kebayang aja Andi ngegoreng perkedel jagung..well, when i read your 1st attempt (moment when u mixed eggs with flour - yah, kok pake telor- 2nd attempt (when u added maizena)-cihuiii, gitu donk-...but then at last when u think to remove the vegetable; i realized..iya ya kok pake gituan sih :p

eits, jgn tanya ya knp baru ksh komen skrg,pdhl tulisannya uda dr taon lalu :D :p