Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let's Take A Shower

As I now live together with two other friends, I have to share kitchen, dining room, toilet, and bathroom. Our bathroom looks like a simple room with stone as the floor and some tiling on the wall. A blue curtain separates the shower area with the sink & mirror area.

I won't complain about my bathroom, it's good enough for me But this cold winter days really make me want to enjoy a soothing warm bath, with steam showers probably

These shower enclosures look very elegant. I like the so called Chic Glass Shower Enclosure With Sliding Door (pretty long name, huh. They should have made a shorter name. But it helps describing the product anyway). I'm not sure I like Acrylic Base Glass Shower Enclosure. It looks cool, but probably too small for me. If they have it bigger, I'd like it

See this shower kits. Whiiii, I'd definitely enjoy the combination of rain shower with foot massager The massager is in the form of water massage jets. I love being around water (I am an Aquarian anyway, if that matters, hahaha). Well, I have to wait until I have my own house to have this luxurious items. It's no use remodelling my temporary student housing, hahaha.

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Rudy Octavius Sihombing said...

so nice, eh...Chic Glass Shower Enclosure With Sliding Door, hehe3x..

but, i've go through the website and look at the price, wow...i'll buy it if only (you know rite...:D).

Anyway, nice post bro, nice article.