Friday, November 21, 2008

India Translation Service

I came across an India translation website and I was reminded about the need of proper language use in building relationship.

I have written about a request from my sister for translation of some Indonesian words to India language for her work/assignment as visual communication designer. I only needed a simple translation tool for that.

What if you need to translate not several words, but paragraphs? whole documents?
That's the time you need a translation service.
If you have a business and you want to reach a market that do not understand your language, what will you do? Say, you speak English, you produce Batik, and you want to sell it to India. Well, English is commonly used in India, but I believe there are many other people that do not know English. Moreover, isn't it nicer to build a relationship with your prospective customers by using their own language?

Like villagers in many countries, that have diverse traditional languages and might not understand English that well, certain areas in India face the same thing. Hindi is a language spoken in India as well as Urdu is. Punjabi is a language used in the area of Punjab (well, at least now we know how the famous Raam Punjabi got his name :D).

Back to the topic, that's the reason IAFL (I can't find what it stands for from the website) provide a translation and interpretation service, They claim that it's best to give the work to professional because poor Urdu translation, for instance, will lead to decrease of credibility. A very sound argument, I would say. In fact, there are many things to be concerned about translation. It's not only making the native speakers understand, but it should also use the style of the original and be culturally appropriate.

Talking about the business model, it is not wise for a company to have many language experts in house. A more feasible (and effective) way is by using a service from a company like IAFL.

I think for a global-minded business people, a translator/interpreter is necessary in terms of reaching people in their respective comfort zone, namely their language. That will help them to be able to relate more to whatever it is that you want them to know.


Language Translation said...

Language translation is becoming more sophistcated by day. Even in India there are many language translation service providers providing ability to not merely translate simple words but even complex idioms.

Deny Richard said...

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