Friday, November 21, 2008

ShopWiki - Shopping Search Engine

What do you do nowadays if you want to buy something?
Probably you'll do some searching in the internet by using web search engines. If you're lucky, you'll find an online store that sell the product you want with a price that you're happy with. However, if you stumble upon many online stores offering the product at different prices (it could be very different), you might not feel so lucky any longer. That kinda thing brings confusion.

Now let's see this website. It claims itself to be a shopping search engine that make use of web-crawling technology in combination with consumer-written Wiki. Web crawling technology is the same technology use by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!Search, etc. Thus it can crawls a huge number of online stores. This brings benefit as users can compare prices of a product from several stores simultaneously. For example is specialized bicycles.. or Apollo bicycle.

ShopWiki present the search result as a list of products related to the keywords. The good thing is for each entry, a pic of the product is presented, along with the name and description. The lowest price of the product is given from the many stores that sell it. If you want to know more data of the different prices, you could point your cursor to one of the entry and a bubble with pop with a list of lowest prices from several shops. Here's a snapshot of the search result:

I think this shopping search engines is very helpful and user friendly :)


ime' said...

mmm... it's been a while since i shopped online :D does this wiki thingy sort of like amazon or e-bay?

Credo said...

Nope.. They just provide a service as search engine specifically for shopping. They refer to online stores which actually sell the product and provide the prices, so customers can easily compare them