Friday, November 28, 2008

Web Hosting

I need to create a website for a small business of my friends’. Alas, I know very little about webhosting, domain, data transfer, design, and all other stuffs related to it. I have tried to look for local (by local I mean Indonesia although I live in Netherlands at the moment) webhosting services but got confused with the many offers. You know, having too many options is as confusing as having too limited options.

I heard about a website that provide web hosting articles and I think it will be quite useful. Some of the articles available are about choosing a dedicated host, domain parking, overview of many type of control panels, et cetera. There is also categories of articles, such as about one of the most well known control panel: Cpanel.

So, let’s take a look at this website to learn about web hosting :)

1 comment:

Bie said...

Jadi mana nih produknya?

Soalnya gue mao diajarin juga dan pengen konsultasi webhost yang reliable. Hahahha..