Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Companion : Monkey Cell Phone Charm

I picked this monkey cell phone charm from the souvenirs brought by Kak Ocha from China.

I like it. It reminds me of the monkey version of Naruse/Narucyo from the manga Harlem Beat (great manga, btw).


And also the monkey emoticon I often use :D (Yoyo-Cici Monkey)


Ismail Habib said...

khikhikhi... Narucho... kalo ada gantungan kuncinya lucu juga kali ya :P

Credo said...

Hahaha.. tapi yg dengan tampang polosnya :D

Nelson Tillmon said...

The monkey is very charming, indeed! Just a fun fact about monkeys, did you know that monkeys are divided into two groups: The old and new world monkeys? Old world monkeys are native to Africa and Asia, while the new world monkeys are native to Central and South America. Also, monkeys don’t just eat bananas, but a variety of fruits, insects, flowers, leaves, and reptiles as well.

Nelson Tillmon