Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wikipedia Needs Help

I have seen the advertisement (if I could call it that) of Wikipedia indicating it needs some donation to keep going. Like this, "Wikipedia is sustained by people like you. Please donate today."

What I just realized is that they (I refer to those guys behind the curtain off course) provide several alternatives to deliver the message. Like:

Every time you load a Wikipedia page, the sentence is generated (randomly shown, I would say). I think it's neat having this kind of thing. It's not something new, but it's just... nice.
The position of the message is also nice. On the top left with readable small font. The italic style makes it stand out without irritating the eager eye looking for valuable information.

Click the 'donate' links on those messages and you will see a video of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia explaining the purpose of the free encyclopedia and the needs for donation. (Hey, Indonesia is in the video :D)

Imagine a world
in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.
J. Wales, Founder of Wikipedia

I hope I help them delivering the message by making this post :D


Anonymous said...

Credut.... Loe gak kasih donasi.. hehehe

Credo said...

I need the donation myself :D
Ayo dong Riz, km mendonasi dong :p

Anonymous said...

gw bantu doa aja deh...

john said...

one can get travel information from bingo.