Monday, October 27, 2008

My Plurk

I really love the theme of my Plurk page :)
It feels so serene. And that's important because I spend (or waste, depending on how you see it :p) a lot of time looking at it.

I don't know if it's just me, but I think this Plurk thing is a smart product. I reflected it to the (weird urging) feeling of commenting on my friends' Yahoo!Messenger status. My friends' did that a lot too (commenting on others' online status, that is). So, instead of commenting on a real-time status, Plurk creator(s) made it possible for people to comment on a continuum of statuses posted in Plurk. Which make it very attractive (at least for people who'd like to share small things in their life).

I'm kinda annoyed by Plurk too, I guess.. Because it's so easy to post something and get comments on that. However, that makes me even lazier than before to write blog post. Well, they call Plurking as micro-blogging though. They do it for a reason, right?

Twitter is another micro-blogging service. But representation of the posts somehow makes it hard to follow all the posts of your friends because they are pushed on top of each other. I would just say, it's not helping the user.

It's a different case with Plurk. It positions your friends' posts so that you could see them clearly. You can choose to see only your own posts, your responded posts, or even your comment on others' posts. Plurk keeps track of them for you. If your friends trashes you with too many posts, you could simply choose not to follow their Plurk temporarily but stay friends. Ahh, almost forget to mention: we could adorn our post with pics (mostly emoticons. Ahh, and they look great :D) and shares video and links.

With all this, will this micro-blogging change our blogging-behaviour? I think it starts having an effect on me.


ParisParis said...

kyknya ak udah daftar di plurk deh, twitter juga. tpi lupa passwordnya,hahahaha. ntar bongkar2 email dulu

Anonymous said...

lama ga negokin plurksville akibatnya karmaku turun terus... huhuhu...
happy plurking, do!
sampe ketemu di plurksville yak...

za said...

First visit. We met before at "ur" plurkyard. You're in Holland, now?

Credo said...

@za: welcome, welcome..Yeap, di negeri penjajah :D