Thursday, April 20, 2006

Experience the rare occasion!

OK, A friend of mind just mentioned about a great phenomenon that will be happening soon. He told me not to be asleep around 2 past 1 in the morning on May 4th 2006 or else I will miss the precious moment.
He didn't mention what so important on that exact time and that I have to be aware.
Being busy myself, I said OK and reminded myself to search on google about the rare occasion. I did the search to no avail. He then prompted me again (owh, we're chatting via Yahoo Messenger, by the way.. eh, did I mention that I was busy? *grin*) asking whether I've found out what's so special on the time he mentioned before. I suspiciously guessed that it probably is his birthday! Huehehe.. But no, it's not.

Do you know ? That next month on Thursday 4 May 2006, at two minutes and three seconds after 1 O'Clock the time and date will be exactly: 01:02:03 04/05/06. This will never happen again!

Now, that's pretty cool I guess :D


hedgehogman said...

wow great experience
you must be a lucky person to know that. Well i miss that momment and know it from you, maybe i'm the 2nd lucky.
g luck with your blog

Credo said...

eh, It's not happening yet.. It's on 4 May 2006. It's next month. So you still got a chance, right? ;)

hedgehogman said...

oh, im not carefull in read your msg

raizamn said...

time/date format must be
in other words, it did happen for countries where the time/date format is

in the other hand, i think it will happen twice a day, if you are using HH12:MM:SS [AM/PM this can be omitted] MM/DD/YY

right? CMIIW please

Credo said...

Yeap. The time format must be HH:MM:SS DD/MM/YY

In the case you mentioned about those countries using time format HH:MM:SS MM/DD/YY then the moment's already happened :)

Twice a day? In the case you mentioned, yes. But it seems that the idea-owner (apa sih Pencetus Ide? :p) use the assumption that our days consist of 24 hours regardless its representation (whether using 12 hours with AMPM or 24 hours format)

Umm? I think u meant DD/MM/YY in ur comment,didn't u? CMIIW again
Thanks loh.. Emang kelewat sama aku soal format2 itu :D

Jeng Ungu said...

wowww... never realized it kalo ga masuk kesini!!

cool findings!!!

bai de weh, credo, gua link yah!!!

pin said...

It's just numbers anyway ...
Snip from Boingboing, another cool number on 2006

06:06:06 06/06/06 (6 minutes and 6 seconds past 6 on June 6th, 2006)

11:10:09 08/07/06 (10 minutes and 9 seconds past 11 on 8th of July 2006)

Credo said...

@Mizz Violette aka Yulie: Hehehe, itu jg krn dikasi tau temen. Just found it nice. Aku link balik jg ya..

@Pint: Hehehe, yea right. Those're just numbers. We, people, somehow love 'beautiful numbers' (nomor cantik, ceunah). Krn ribet sama ngitung2 duit yg sisa akhir bulan kali yea (nauooon..) :p

Bie said...

Ah kirain ngomongin jam 1 lewat 2 menit dan 3 detik adalah premierenya MI:3 .. ;)) gimana sih nulisnya yang bener..

pin said...

yang bener MI/3 atau MI x 1/3

Bie said...

ternyata gini M:i:III

-rino said...

bisa terjadi lagi kok. tanggal dan waktu yang sama, tahun 3006, 4006, dst dst