Friday, August 03, 2012

Bangkok Trip: The Preparation

Actually, this is my second time to Bangkok. 
The first time was when I attended The 1st Knowledge Management Forum organized by World Vision International last year. 

This time it is due to the Asia Pacific Horizon Learning and Implementation Planning Event, still related to my work in World Vision. It is on 6-10 August 2012. But.. since I wanna meet several friends of mine in Bangkok, I plan to arrive earlier and return later. So I booked my flight, with Garuda Indonesia, for 4 August 2012 with returning date at 12 August 2012.

So I have two weekends at hand. Unfortunately my Thai friend is away in Norway so I can't stay at her apartment. I will stay there on the 2nd weekend. The options for the first weekend are either book a hotel or find a couch to surf ( . I go for the latter since it's gonna add new experience for me, compared to just staying in a hotel as usual. I'm gonna post about the couchsurfing experience later.

By the way, if you want to find a good hotel instead, you can try There is a vast range of hotels there, which you can choose based on review of other travelers or location or rating or price, etc.

Quick Note : Thai currency is Baht. As of August 2012, $1 is about 30 Baht and 1 Baht is about Rp.300,- 
If you received coins in Thai, check again. It could be 1, 5 or 10 Baht. But it could also be a smaller amount since 1 Baht = 100 Satang. 

Another Note: during this blog series, I will switch between English and Bahasa Indonesia. I will write in Bahasa Indonesia if I want to specifically address Indonesian reader, for example on how to use the BTS in Bangkok. It is available elsewhere in English, but none that I know of in Bahasa Indonesia. 

So, till the next post! Sawadee Khab!  :D


Rio Rahmansyah said...

I'm looking forward for the couchsurfing experience!!

Bama said...

My first (and only) trip to Bangkok left me with a mixed feeling. I was mesmerized by the wats, but I also experienced something rather unpleasant. Maybe in your upcoming posts I'll find a reason to go back.

Non Woven Filter Media said...

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