Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"World Filled With Love" - Craig David

Saw some pictures in the paper,
of a girl I'd met the day before.
I couldn't believe that hours later,
I had reporters knockin at my door,
But I used to dream about,
the life I'm living now and,
I didn't think I'd miss those things from the past,
and I'm not afraid of leaving,
or letting go of what I had,
cause I realize that now there's no turning back.

Cause I'm young heart living in a world filled with love,
so when tear drops fall from me like rain from above,
I can brush my troubles away,
know that deep down inside,
I've got sunshine in my life.

I used to think I could get better,
my girlfriends always used to get me wrong.
Some distant messages, love letters,
but those kinda feelings never lasted long.
Cause now the only love I find's within a castle made of sand,
and when the tide goes out it's swept away.
Though I got my peace of mind,
and time is firmly on my side,
and through the bad time I can safely say...


Ah...now that love's here to stay
I've found a better day to brush my troubles away

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