Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Do You Know ...? Oh, Let Me Check My Blog

Harold, a friend from Ecuador, messaged me yesterday in Facebook. He  asked about the name of the hostel in which we stayed when we were in Prague in February 2008. He wanted to know because he is going to go to Prague again with some friends for a vacation. That hostel was indeed good and had a decent price.

I honestly could not remember the name, but then I remembered I've wrote about it in here, my blog. Did a quick search and voila, this entry came up: Prague : The Hostel. The name of the hostel was revealed, along with its address and website link.

Ahh, the beauty of taking notes (blogging) :D


Anonymous said...

Emang bener sih, kalo kita rajin nulis di blog, bisa dipakai pengingat ttg kejadian2 masa lampau hehe..:D
Dulu pernah bertekad rajin nulis ttg Sena di blog, buat warisan dia pas gede nti haha...tapi cuma bertahan mpe setahun abis itu nulisnya bolong2 hihi..:P

Credo said...

hehe, iya nih. aku menikmati baca ulang posting2 lama juga :)