Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bi-directional Override

Stumbled upon an html tag with an attribute that will write text backwards (if your browser support it).. I know it's not gonna be used a lot though :D

The tag is <bdo> and the atttribute is 'rtl'=right to left.

If your browser supports bi-directional override (bdo), this code :
<bdo dir="rtl">
Let's try this bi-directional override tag

will be written from the right to the left (rtl) as:

Let's try this bi-directional override tag

Well ya.. If it's not written from right to left, you know what your problem is :D


ime' said...

kok bisa yah?

*sok kagum gitu deh :D*

Advertise Company said...

When I upgrade to HDTV through digital cable, do I need also upgrade to bi-directional splitter and amplifier?